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 Due to COVID-19, other than in-person learning, online learning is also available.

How to use an abacus, Markham Abacus and Mental Math, Markham, Ontario

Abacus & Math

Abacus is an ancient calculation device that is now primarily used to help children learn mathematical skills, and develop their mental math skills. Using abacus to learn math helps children to easily grasp concepts by presenting the numbers and their relationships as concrete beads instead of the regular abstract arithmetic processes.

Benefits of Learning Abacus and Mental Math, Markham, Ontario


In addition to helping children improve their mathematical skills, recent studies have shown that the abacus method of mental calculation, known as abacus mental math, also creates a ripple effect that benefits other disciplines. All the skills that children accumulate from our program will benefit them for life.

Abacus and Mental Math student doing homework, Markham, Ontario

Program Overview

The curriculum used in our abacus and mental math classes are specially customized for Canadian students ages 4-13, while also meeting the international standards set by the International Abacus Education Research Institute. We teach in small classes, with a ratio of 5-6 students per teacher, to ensure your child gets the attention he/she needs.

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