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Numerous studies have shown that most brain development in children occurs primarily before the age of 13. The development and growth of the nerves will begin from 4 to 6 years old. The progression will start to slow down after the children reaches 13 years old, when the growth reaches 75%. Therefore, this program is most beneficial for the children in the age group of 4 - 13.


The course curriculum for our abacus arithmetic training was originated from Asia, and customized by Ms. Shirley Wu, who is the most experienced professional teacher in the Toronto area. She was also nominated as the best abacus arithmetic trainer in Canada, and worked as a referee in many international competitions. Ms. Wu is the only Canadian representative of the prestigious International Institution of Abacus Arithmetic.


The standards for abacus and mental calculation are set in 12 levels and 10 degrees respectively. Levels are ranked in descending order (12th level is the lowest level and 1st level is the highest) whereas degrees are ranked in ascending order (1st degree is the lowest and 10th degree is the highest). As for the content of education in abacus calculation, the studies focus on additions and subtractions before the 8th level. Starting with the 8th level, multiplications and divisions will be introduced to the students.


The mental calculation is first introduced in the curriculum at Level 9. Before Level 4, the studies focus on additions and subtractions. Starting with Level 4, studies include multiplications and divisions. At Level 6 the concept of decimals is added to the learning path.


We teach in small classes, with a ratio of 5-7 students per teacher, to ensure each student gets the attention he/she needs to learn at an accelerated pace. For those children who wants to go at a different pace, we also offer 1-on-1 private tutoring.

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