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While mental calculation is the first step in developing numerical fluency, it represents only the foundation required to develop strong mathematical skills. The Curriculum Math component teaches a range of math topics and problem-solving methods, providing students with a structured and systematic approach to tackle a diverse range of mathematical challenges.

We prioritize an enriching and personalized learning experience for your child. Our Curriculum Math program is meticulously designed.

  • Alignment with Ontario Curriculum:


The content is tailored to align seamlessly with the Ontario curriculum, providing a solid foundation for academic success.


  • Coverage of Fundamental Topics:


The unique blend of these methodologies covers fundamental math topics, ensuring a well-rounded mathematical education.

  • Global Best Practices:


We integrate globally acclaimed approaches such as Singapore Math and Shanghai Math, incorporating proven  methodologies for enhanced mathematical proficiency

  • Olympic Math Elements:


Elements from Olympic Math are included, introducing advanced problem-solving methods to challenge and enrich students' understanding.


  • Small-Sized Classes:


Our small-sized classes ensure individual attention, fostering an environment where students can thrive and actively engage with the curriculum

Our goal is to instill confidence and proficiency in students as they progress from mastering basic arithmetic to solving practical math problems, ultimately enhancing their logical thinking abilities.

Join us on this journey as we empower young minds to excel in mathematics and lay the groundwork for future academic success.

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