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Thank you Ms Kelly, Jasmine's math skill has improved a lot since she started Abacus with you.  Thank you for always being so patient and caring with the kids. 

Anita L.

Two of my children started Markham Abacus for two months. They are able to add and subtract with one digit using the abacus. They are very eager to go to class and do their homework. Teacher Kelly is very enthusiastic and caring person which makes learning much easier.

Tina H.

The abacus program had helped my son with his concentration and to find enjoyment in math. It is a great foundation tool to help build their math skills. I highly recommend this program.

Cindy L.

Ellyn has had difficulties with understanding math at the beginning of her grade 1.  Learning abacus with Kelly has helped her immensely with her math at school. Her continues practice of abacus has not only given her confidence when applying math but also an increase interest in integrating math whenever there is an opportunity. Kelly has been a very dedicated instructor to Ellyn and we are very grateful for her hard work.

Steen L.

My two children, ages 8 and 5 have been with Markham Abacus for close to a year, under the instruction of Ms. Kelly.   My intent to enroll them in Abacus vs. other math programs was to build basic arithmetic and multiplication skills and to improve their mental math abilities.   They have achieved great results in a short time!    Not only learning the apparatus and improving mental math, but the classes have significantly developed their concentration and perseverance.   Abacus is not only about math, but about concentration, focus and practice.    My children can better connect hard work and perseverance with achieved results– an association they have applied to other facets of their studies and play. 


Ms. Kelly is a wonderful instructor who cares about her students and takes pride in teaching Abacus and mental math.  She uses effective teaching methods and takes the time to challenge her students according to their individual pace.   She consistently communicates with parents on student progress and areas of improvement.  Ms. Kelly reverts back to traditional basics of teaching and students are receptive to her warm personality and effective teaching style.

O. S.

The teacher guides my sons as they were her own. She teaches with compassion and thrives on the success of her students. I would highly recommend to family and friends. 

Kuldeep K.

When my son joined the Markham Abacus and Mental Math program, he was just passed 5 years old. Before started this program, I had tried many ways to teach him simple arithmetic math. However, I couldn't get him to sit still and focus for more than 5 minutes at a time.  So, I was not sure how much this program could help him with learning math and if he would like the program. I know it's important for him to develop a strong foundation in math at an early age, so I still decided to give the program a try.

To my surprised, my son enjoys the program very much and is even motivated to practice math calculation at home. Before he joined the program, he could not even write all the numbers from 0 to 10 properly. After a month, he is able to write the numbers correctly and do addition and subtraction with four 1-digit numbers. After two months, he can already do addition and subtraction with five 2-digit/1-digit mixed numbers faster than me using a calculator.

Now my son is very confident about math and calculations. He will be in Grade One this September. He said he wants to be a top student in his math class.

As a mom, I am so pleased to see the achievement and confidence that my son had gained through this program. I would definitely recommend this program to any patents who are looking for an after-school program for their 5 or 6 years old.

Cherry Sui

Kelly is a dedicated professional and good with children.  She makes math fun.

Patricia T.

My three kid's ages 9, 7 & 5 have been going to Markham abacus for just over a year. Kelly the instructor, creates a positive environment and has been instrumental in improving my kids confidence in math and self esteem. In my experience, Kelly's program is right for all ages and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to better their math skills. 

Stathie S.

Last year, I was looking for an educational activity for my son as I thought he needed something challenging to do with his restless energy.  Luckily, I found Markham Abacus and met Kelly who has been teaching Wesley weekly abacus classes.  Wesley was happy to participate for his first time at a recent Abacus Competition and won 4th place in Level 9 Abacus.  That event gave him the opportunity to have some competitive fun with his peers.  At age 8, he is able to complete his Abacus homework independently and quickly at home without my help and can add/subtract numbers faster and more accurately than I can.  

Mabel C.

Since starting the abacus program at the age of 4, our son has greatly improved his ability to solve multi step math problems. Even his teacher has noticed an improvement in his overall math skills. We are thrilled with his progress. 

Jan W.

Thank you Kelly for teaching  our children abacus. You are more than an abacus teacher to them.  They look forward to your classes. You have had a very positive influence on them.  I know my kids can be very difficult and you have the talent to have them focus and stay interested in the class.

Seema R.

We found abacus a useful tool to improve our daughter's skills of concentration and mindfulness.  She is able to focus on tasks longer as a result of her training with Kelly.


Kelly engages her students with patience and empathy and is able to use different motivational strategies appropriate for their age.

Le W.

I have enrolled my 4 and 6 year old kids in the abacus program for about one year, and they already shown the better math skills in school. I believe this will build up their confidence in learning not only math but also the other subjects. The program gives them a sense of achievement when they advance to a higher level, and it enhances their mental focus and reaction time when they do the calculation. I highly recommend this program.

Gordon G.

I think the program is just right for my kid, not too rush or slow, and he can spend a little time to finish his homework independently every time. For math, he is more interested than before. That is good.

Sophia G.

Markham Abacus has helped my children better understand math.  My children are new to Abacus and they already can add and subtract faster than me!

Szewan L.

My son has been learning Abacus from Kelly for almost 2 years now. We have nothing but only good things to say about Kelly. She is kind, knowledgeable, and very patient with the kids.

Few months ago, my younger daughter decided to join her brother as well. It has become one of their favorite activities to do and they both look forward to their weekly Abacus class on Saturdays. Kelly makes the class fun and interesting for the kids. She is also very approachable and always has a sincere smile on her face. On behalf of my children, I would like to say a big "Thank you" to Kelly for doing such a wonderful job!

Happy Mother - Melody K.

We have enrolled our 5, 7 and 9 year old kids in the abacus program for 3 months and I have already seen the difference!  Confidence and enthusiasm with math is up and improvement in mental math capability is evident.  Kelly has the knack in engaging the children and they are always looking forward to attend class.   Feedback on progress is provided regularly and I am happy to see my little one already moving up a level!  In conclusion, glad to have tried this out and would recommend Markham Abacus to any family!

Victor K.

My daughters, age 6 and 9, go to Markham Abacus. I am amazed with how much my daughters are learning and the quality of the teachings. It has only been a few months and I can already see the good results and increased focus in the daily homework. Keep up the great work!

Alice L.

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