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2020 Summer Camp Clipart blue background
July 6 to August 28   
Camp hours: 9AM to 4PM
Free extended care: 8AM to 5PM
Ages: 5 to 12 Yrs.
This academic summer camp helps prepare your child for the new academic year. Enriched Math and English classes are taught by certified teachers with a 6:1 ratio. The students will be grouped together based on their grade in the coming school year. We strive to make all academic classes fun by incorporating games and competitions to win prizes. All exercises and assignments will be completed in class; students will not have homework. Other than the academic components, there are various other classes and activities to ensure that your child will have a fun and fulfilling Summer.

Our Enrichment Camp Program

This advanced Math class is taught in a small group by a certified Math teacher. Students are grouped together based on their academic level. Our enriched curriculum incorporates components from Singapore and Shanghai Math. Each week, a selective set of Math topics from the upcoming school year is covered. The students are first introduced to the topics, followed by computational exercises. The students then work on word problems to help them develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and their application in the real world. At the end of the week, students work in pairs to solve problems and compete to win prizes.
This advanced English class is taught in a small group by a certified English teacher. The small class size ensures each student feels comfortable participating in group discussion and working with their peers. Each week, students are asked to read a series of thought provoking articles. The teacher explains the articles, introduce new vocabulary, and highlights the writing technique. The teacher then facilitates the discussions where each student is encouraged to express his/her thoughts, and challenge or support those of their peers. Students are then given a written assignment where they write about a related subject. The teacher assists each student to edit their work. At the end of the week, the students will present their work and awarded prizes in recognition of their work.
Abacus and Mental Math
Abacus and mental math help students build their confidence and love for math. Students will succeed in math, like all subjects, when they don't feel intimidated by it. Numerical proficiency is the basic foundation for all math disciplines. Mental math, through abacus, is the most efficient way to master numerical proficiency. For students new to abacus, these will be introductory classes. For Markham Abacus students, they could either use these classes to complete their homework or review the lessons from their weekly class. There will be a fun mental math games at the end of the week where students compete to win prizes.
This is a fun drama class, especially for students who aspire to be a Youtuber. We encourage students to participate in this Chinese drama class as this is a fun way to learn and refine their conversational Chinese. Each week, one Chinese Idiom story is introduced to students. Based on the story, the students are assigned characters, and collaborate to write the scripts for the different scenes. After the students are confident with their rehearsals, the final act is recorded. On the last day, the students share laughter as they watch their recordings and edit them to produce a short video 5-10 minutes long.
Public Speaking
The goal of the class is to help students feel comfortable speaking in a public setting. The small class size, combined with fun activities, give the students a safe and comfortable environment to speak in. During the class, students may take turns to read a book, deliver short speeches on a topic selected by the teacher, give a summary of a short article/story that they read in class, or debate about the topics that interests them. Public Speaking techniques will be taught during the process.
Other classes and activities:
  • Arts, Crafts, and Fun Group Activities
  • Exciting Outdoor Activities

Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Schedule - Blue Background.j

Camp Fees

Regular price: $300 / week
Early Bird Discount:
  • Before February 29: $235 
  • Before March 15: $250
  • Before April 15: $270
For Markham Abacus students: $250 before May 15
* There is a limit of only 6 students in each grade
* 20% discount for week of August 2nd (4 day week)

Location & Contact

King Square Markham
9390 Woodbine Ave., Suite 309,
Markham, ON L6C 1T6
Tel: 416-897-6136
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